Becht Safety Solutions Introduces HIDIR Workshop

Becht Safety Solutions Introduces HIDIR Workshop:  Hazard Identified – Intervention Required Becht Safety Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of the HIDIR risk-identification workshop. In light of recent statistics concerning the demographic of today’s industrial workforce, Becht Safety Solutions has developed the HIDIR program to address the documented risk-identification training gaps existing within the current workforce. HIDIR, which stands […]

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Hazard Identification: The Mitigation Hierarchy and Human Interface

Hazard Identified; What Next? As we’ve discussed in recent articles, once a hazard is identified as legitimate, it needs to be mitigated.  A time-tested approach is what is known as The Industrial Hierarchy of Controls. While effective if applied properly, we must consider the human interface when utilizing the hierarchy of controls. A quick refresher […]

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