Value Of Experience In The Unregulated Laser Scanning Industry

I’ve been fortunate to spend most of my career working with new technologies.  From an early age I was always fascinated with the opportunities that technology can provide.  Technology, as a tool, has the ability to change the way we perform almost any task.  Things that were once complex and time consuming can now be […]

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Pipe Fabrication Dimensional Errors — I Can’t See You!!!

Can a level, square and tape measure really measure up to today’s quality standards on complex spools? I was watching my baby girl cover her eyes as she had done something naughty. Doing this gave her the feeling that if she couldn’t see her mother or myself then she would not get into trouble. Despite […]

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Dimensional Accuracy – What is Achievable in the Field?

When I am asked to speak about dimensional accuracy, I often refer to a personal story that happened to me when I began my career as a young structural designer. At that time, I was eager to impress the design checker with my ability to accurately dimension structural rebar spacing in a spread footing foundation. […]

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A Dimensional Execution Plan – Measure Up To Project Expectations

Plan the Work and Work the Plan I am confident that we can agree that it is essential for all projects to have an execution plan to be successful. We have all heard the common phrase, “Plan the Work and Work the Plan.” Many have been participants in strategy meetings discussing the most effective and […]

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Becht Dimensional Technology Mitigates Potential Problems In Heavy Lifts

Written by Joe Collins & Derek Paterson Safety and precision are of the utmost importance of any heavy lift operation. Heavy Lift Field Advisors are tasked with measuring clearances to assure the load will clear obstructions, a step often done by hand with a tape measure. Moreover, Field Advisors are also charged with assuring the […]

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Physical 3D Models of Process Units are Returning to Use!

3D printing technology is now bringing back the use of 3D models of process units.  Having a 3D model has many benefits, including a more than ten-fold improvement in efficiency in doing model reviews, versus reviewing the model on the computer.  In the past, 3D models were created by assembling plastic pieces, which was very […]

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