Dimensional Technologies

Dimensional Technologies

Becht’s Dimensional Technology Services Division (DTS) is a solution provider of 3D data capture services, dimensional quality assurance services, and digital asset services that will improve productivity, minimize costly dimensional mistakes, improve quality, and mitigate potential safety and cost risks for organizations that are searching for solutions to create a dimensionally accurate digital representation of their physical asset to support ongoing capital project and operational project execution, as well as ensuring the digital content of the physical asset is current and up to date.

We accomplish this with our experienced industry professionals that have the skills and expertise to offer effective solutions in providing consistent and accurate dimensional information using state of the art dimensional technologies, 3D plant design and BIM software tools to build the intelligent digital 3D model, and digital asset management software solutions to help customers organize and manage their digital information.

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3D Data Capture Services

3D data capture services we provide are:

  • Laser Scan Services
    • Terrestrial Laser Scanning services
    • Aerial / Mobile Lidar services
  • Sub-surface Data Capture Services
  • Other 3D Data Capture Technology Services
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Becht’s Dimensional Technology Services division has been providing 3D Data Capture Services for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) organizations, and owner-operators in the industrial marketplace since 2009. We have executed thousands of projects both domestic and international. We have the most experienced staff in the industry that have worked with 3D data capture technologies, and we have the largest fleet of the latest terrestrial 3D laser scanners in North America.

With our knowledge, experience, expertise, commitment to quality work, and responsive execution, our customers have come to expect and depend from us is the reason why Becht is regarded as the leader in providing 3D data capture services.

We are more than just a service organization that just provides laser scanning services. We are a solution provider that implements the correct 3D data capture technology for the project based on the customer’s needs and requirements. We can and will deliver any deliverable formatted data that the client specifies.

Dimensional Quality Assurance Services

Dimensional quality assurance services we provide:

  • Dimensional Control Survey Services
  • Dimensional Inspection Services
  • Dimensional Validation Services
  • Laser Scan Measurement Services
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Becht’s Dimensional Technology Services division understands the importance of dimensional accuracy requirements during fabrication and construction. Becht provides clients with dimensional quality assurance for every project and will ensure that all projects will be carefully planned and executed from start to finish. Our high standards are grounded in our investment in our own work, those we partner with, and the technology we rely on to provide our customers with products that surpass their expectations.

Becht is positioned to provide whatever your specific project requires, whether it be Dimensional Control, Laser Scanning, or conventional measurement methods. No matter the technology, we thoughtfully consider each client’s project requirements and adopt the optimal delivery method to successfully complete each assignment.

We are proud to self-perform all our work, employing a range of dimension technology professionals from Dimensional Control Technicians to Project Managers. All share in our quality and operational beliefs to deliver a quality product within the specified timeframe and budget. Whatever the industry, onshore or offshore, we can execute projects whether it is domestic or international, no project is too small or too large for our team.

Digital Asset Services

Becht’s Digital Asset Services include:

  • Plant Design and Asset Management strategy and implementation support
    • Collaborate with customer to create a fit for purpose strategy
    • Software training, administration and support
    • Engineering Object data model and 3D Catalog Development
    • Deliverable Template Development
    • Data Source, Drawing and Document Intelligent linking
  • Validation of consistency between data Source
  • Data and Document gap analysis
    • Infrastructure recommendation – workstation, server, cloud (Cloud strategy)
    • Project handover from Engineering to Operations
    • Link to real-time plant asset monitoring
  • Modeling and Data Services
    • 3D Modeling services
    • P&ID validation services
    • Creation of Intelligent P&IDs
    • Addition Intelligence to Point Clouds
  • 3D Tagging Services
  • Linking Data and Docs
    • AR/VR Strategy
    • 3D Printed Model Services
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The industry is experiencing a growing need to accurately collect and document dimensional information of their physical asset(s) to support their digitalization initiatives to have an accurate digital twin of their physical asset(s). Becht understands the importance of not only having accurate dimensional information, but also accurate content of the physical asset(s).

Becht’s Digital Asset Services group provides a list of different services that will assist owners to collect the existing conditions and information of the physical asset, digitalize the physical asset by creating an intelligent 3D model of the physical asset, organize the digital information for the owner to manage the digital twin efficiently, and offer software training and software support to the owner to effectively use the software tools to manage the digital asset.

Dimensional Technology Services Program

The complexity of knowing what dimensional technology to use for ensuring dimensional accuracy on a project is only further complicated by how it is digitally represented to make sure the project team and asset owners can make informed decisions to mitigate cost risks and add value. Becht’s Dimensional Technology Services team of industry subject matter experts understand the complexity of managing dimensional accuracy throughout the life of the project, and then maintaining the dimensional and digital information of the physical asset to ensure the digital representation is dimensionally accurate and the intelligence of the digital asset is correct.

The Dimensional Technology Services (DTS) program provides to our customers a turn-key solution that customizes a service package comprised of various services from our portfolio of 3D data capture services, dimensional quality assurance services, and digital asset services that ensures what we deliver is a consistent and accurate set of deliverables that brings value to our customers.

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