Becht Engineering Co., Inc. Rebrands As Becht – Shorter Name, Same Commitment To Excellence

Becht Engineering Co., Inc. Rebrands As Becht – Shorter Name, Same Commitment To Excellence

After over 55 years of delivering excellent engineering performance, Becht’s brand identity is changing, but the company will continue providing services and unique solutions to Refining, Petrochemical, Renewable and Power clients worldwide.

(Liberty Corner, NJ – April 2020) After fifty-five years of providing professional services to Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Renewable Energy and Power clients worldwide, Becht (formerly Becht Engineering Co., Inc.) is officially rebranding, effective April 2020. The repositioning is both timely and representative of Becht’s expanding range of services and capabilities. The new graphic approach is a visual signal of the brand’s agility in adapting to the needs of its clients in the next phase of the evolving industrial energy marketplace and beyond.

The new Becht logo, formed in the shape of the letter ‘B,’ maintains the company’s legacy blue and green colors, which represent the green earth and blue sky, while symbolizing Becht’s global reach. The white, arching “road” bisecting the logo’s two main elements exemplifies Becht’s progressive approach to the future and signifies the possibilities that can be achieved through partnerships with valued client partners.

Derek Becht, PE, President, Plant Services said, “The streamlined look and feel of the new branding positions us as a forward-thinking, cutting-edge provider of innovative solutions, while also respecting and building upon the solid foundation my grandfather created.”

Becht’s official brand statement is confident and resolute, offering a twist on a familiar progression of superlatives – “Good. Better. Becht” (with the company name replacing the word “Best”). These three words that now form Becht’s tagline stand for one thing: The Best. They accurately describe Becht’s vision, mission and, most importantly, purpose as a company:

  • Becht Practices = Best Practices, worldwide
  • Our customers feel comfident that a Becht solution is, indeed, the best solution
  • The more our customers engage us, the more they will go from good to better to Becht

For Becht, delivering “the best” can take many different forms and one of the most recent and relevant, especially under the current economic climate, is its new series of webinars on top risks, key symptoms of issues and recommendations for safe operation during turndown and shutdown operations available at: Also accessible from the newly launched corporate website, each webinar in the popular series features a panel of top industry professionals and subject matter experts (SMEs) and covers a range of timely topics.

A “living library” of resources and information is another “best” from Becht with ORACLE, a powerful resource to support an organization’s engineering team. SMEs with expertise across the industry are available to directly support client needs. ORACLE features the Knowledge-On-Demand Network, providing instant, virtual resources anytime and anywhere. This practical and timely solution facilitates immediate access to expertise, while saving time and expense.

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Founded in 1964 by Charles Becht III, and with corporate headquarters in Liberty Corner, NJ, Becht provides engineering consulting, plant services and software tools to the energy sector, including upstream and downstream oil and gas (encompassing both refining and production), petrochemical, chemical, industrial gas, fossil and nuclear power, as well as specialized support for innovative technologies including direct coal liquefaction, biomass conversion and other alternative energy processes. Becht’s ability to solve problems by approaching solutions from an owner’s perspective is an enduring quality of the company, and one that has empowered their trusted, long-term partnerships. For more information, visit


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Becht Engineering Co., Inc. Rebrands As Becht – Shorter Name, Same Commitment To Excellence

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